Softball Q & A - Going to Tryouts and Stacking the Odds in your Favor


Hi, I am going to try out for softball in march, and i have never played on a team before, i am in high school. i was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to prepare for the try outs because i love playing softball with my friends, and i want to play on a team now.


There are several Keys:

1) Never be afraid to give you best and show you're not scared to get dirty. Always always hustle and bust your ball - work ethic is super important.

2) Expect to be nervous and make some errors - coaches really want to see how you bounce back from mistakes and errors. This is very important as softball is a game of failure and errors. As a result the ability to bounce back is crucial.

3) Show your best stuff whatever it is. Nobody is good at everything and coaches pick girls that can bring something to the team so whatever your strength are (arm strength, hitting power, speed, fielding, etc.), make sure to display it.

4) Be open-minded and friendly - coaches are looking for girls that are willing to learn and are eager to get better especially if you don't have much experience. Also, they don't want prima-donna or bitchy girls, they want positive, team-oriented and pleasant girls. Be one of those.

5) Practice as much as you can until the tryouts.

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Coach Marc