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Thread: Eatern Michigan being forced to add back in Softball due to Title IX

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    Default Eatern Michigan being forced to add back in Softball due to Title IX

    Nothing set in stone as there may be a long legal battle if Eastern Michigan chooses to peruse it however they probably don't have a lot of choice unless they cut more sports programs - which is problematic:

    There is some interesting parts of the ruling from the judge:

    "The court finds that the financial burden on EMU is outweighed by the harm to Plaintiffs if the teams are not reinstated," Steeh wrote. "Indeed, financial hardship is not a defense to a Title IX violation."

    "The actual numbers reveal a participation disparity that has lingered for at least fifteen years, with no evidence of a serious effort to address it. In light of this history, it is difficult for the court to credit EMUís 2018 roster management plan as anything more than mere promises to expand its program Ö at some time in the future.'"

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    Being from the area and also as an Eastern Alum, this has actually been a fairly big deal around here. A lot of money goes to the football program which is a dumpster fire and they're lucky to have a couple thousand people in the stands for a game. Cutting 4 sports to save a little over $2 million doesn't really do a lot imo. Obviously there are some budgetary issues there and I think they're going about it the wrong way to fix them.

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