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Thread: 14 yo commits to Loyola

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    One of the things that is overlooked is that a school like LMU may offer a really talented 2017 a full ride but because she may not be off-the-charts elite the parents/girl have to weight a full ride offer vs. another offer that could come from BCS conference schools later in the process that may not be 100 percent financial offers. I have a player who committed to a DI mid-major between her freshman and sophomore and got a 100 percent offer, which is pretty rare for a non-pitcher. She would have gotten BCS conference interest if she waited but I doubt she would have got anywhere near 100 percent.

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    Early age recruiting was labeled to me as a "necessary evil". Not what they want to do but as soon as one school does it therest follow suite in order to be the first on a kid. Not nearly as often or as young but is starting happen in football as well, sophomores are beginning to receive offers from BIG TIME schools. Yes Mr. and Mrs. RGIII we would like to offer a full ride to your unborn son or daughter. We'll take the little booger either way!

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    Loyola Marymount just got a verbal from a 2018 middle infielder.....I wonder if she and her parents have even seen the campus?

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    Loyola is making moves. Might be a powerhouse in 5-6 years

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    A lot can happen in 4 years. For all we know, a girl that is a superstar today maybe burnt out (or surpassed)
    by 2018.

    The other thing I wonder, what is the incentive today for a superstar 2018 to verbal? The girl is 14 and she
    may not make the best choice for her future today. And if she is a superstar, won't the offers come in a
    couple of years?

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    LMU's roster and commitments raise some questions. The current roster has 25 players - 2 Sr, 2 Jr, 8 So, 1 RS Fr and 12 Fr. They announced signing 9 players for next year, so the roster will be 32 then if all the underclassmen return. I hope these players are getting a lot of academic and financial aid because 12 athletic scholarships doesn't go very far with such large rosters.

    LMU has 6 verbals that I've seen - 2 2015's, 2 2016's, 1 2017 and now a 2018.

    Cathi Aradi made an interesting comment about early verbals in a Student Sports article.

    You should also keep in mind that many of the early commitments you see or hear about are commitments made by players for very small amounts of money or even to go as recruited walk-ons at Div. I schools. In other words, these players are committing to attend that college, but their parents are footing much of, if not the entire, bill. The players may well have been told they have a spot on the team, but they’ll have to prove themselves once they get there.

    - See more at: Recruiting: changes that may affect you

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    JAD, That list is interesting. Verballing to IL. is a head scratcher. It is a great education, if you want a job in IL. but they aren't necessarily a good softball school.

    I agree, if you are 16 and one of the top 25 pitchers in the US, you are going to get plenty of good offers. I hope someone follows up on all of these girls, when they are seniors. We will see if they are still playing softball.
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    I found this thread while searching for another thread. I was interested to see if Breanna ended up making good on her verbal and googled her. She ended up at Georgia Tech. I also saw where she verballed to Georgia back in 2015. Just another interesting perspective on early recruiting.
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    I just want to know how this video got some many views?? I'm seriously jealous . My top skills video I first made only has just over 1000 views. It was a crappy video too. LOL
    I got your softballs

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