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Thread: Coaching the MENTAL game- in an ACTIONABLE way

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    Default Coaching the MENTAL game- in an ACTIONABLE way

    Hi Coaches!

    I wanted to introduce myself: my name is Melanie Rushing, I'm a former college coach turned work-from-home mom I co-created Mental Sweet Spot

    We help softball coaches teach the mental game in a way that builds character and gets RESULTS... even when they're limited on time.

    I'm reaching out because we've got a free virtual training tomorrow that could be really helpful for coaches as you prepare for spring and summer seasons

    It's an hour-long webinar that teaches our system that will help you implement the mental game in a comprehensive way that's also less time-consuming and more ACTIONABLE.

    We'd love to see some of you coaches there! We go live tomorrow at 11am EST!


    Have a great day!


    P.S. I'd love to hear how YOU are implementing the mental game! There are so many great coaches out there working their butts off to help develop young girls into women. We salute you and want to help you make an even BIGGER impact!

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    Hey Mel,
    Coach James Clark from Indiana here...
    I'm already working with your program. We haven't met yet, however I've known Jenn for several years now, and my girls have been working with Alicia the past couple of months.

    I'll stick my neck out here for these ladies. Their program is definitely worth looking into for your team.
    We are only in our second chapter of the course and the message is starting to sink in for my players. Our team practice yesterday was the best ever according to the girls... I just really implemented the course into our practice plan, and it went awesome.
    "The only difference between average and exceptional, is the attention to detail applied to the task... Don't practice mistakes." James Clark

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