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Thread: A new statistic

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    Default A new statistic

    I have been tracking a new statistic called "The missed practice average" or "mpa" I have noticed that the mpa leaders generally have an "mpa" that is higher than their "ba", and fielding percentage and is much lower than their "era". I wonder why that is. All joking aside. I notice that some parents will let their kid miss team practices way too often. Bottom line is each time a kid misses she falls behind in some small way. This leads to missed assignments signs etc. and poor performance. When a coach can't depend you to come to practice in their minds they can't count on you in the game either. Parents don't think about this until they find their kid sitting the bench and then they get upset. Parents: get the kids to practice. Put them in a position to have success. Otherwise you are contributing greatly to their failures.

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    Actually my players who miss come in two categories the overachievers are my star performers and miss because of travel volleyball, competitive dance, honor society, these are the same parents that give me their schedule as the season starts so I know exactly when they will miss, you get the picture....the others don't care and have parents that don't care, might text 5 minutes before practice if at all and it shows on the field. Obviously rec I would never tolerate this for TB and come All Stars we don't tolerate much either if they have other activities they all know once All Stars start softball becomes #1 priority over other activities.
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