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Thread: Alberta Developmental Teams

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    Default Alberta Developmental Teams

    Does anyone on here have any experience / reviews of developmental teams in Alberta. Previous experience with groups like Alberta Elite or Calgary Kaizen or Calgary Adrenaline for developing players, having them play in high level tournaments that some NCAA college coaches may be attending and helping to get their kids recruited.

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    I guess there was a long term development plan in Alberta in pdf . And there are coaching opportunities too.
    Here's the list of opportunities The Community Development Unit offers additionally:
    1. assistance preparing workshops (one of which I chose to write my essay) to help staff and volunteers figure out how to curate gatherings and gatherings;
    2. board improvement, parts and duties ;
    vital arrangement rules;
    3. group upgrade and improvement
    4. interviews with people in general and partners
    5. recognizing, creating and improving network

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