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Thread: Guest Player Looking for Fall Ball team

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    Default Guest Player Looking for Fall Ball team

    2 girls ages 2000 1B/SS and 2002 P/1B, We live just outside Toronto Canada and both girls play on top Ontario teams. I am looking to try to get them on as guest players at a few tournaments. Our experience last year was that they loved meeting and playing with the American kids and the American gals loved meeting and playing with a Canadian kid too... both on and off the field. The timing works for us cause next years teams are not yet selected and many teams have open spots... both in the fall and spring.


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    I know it's a few year late but I am sure you might be doing such stuff nowadays as well. And if you are doing this guest player thing even today ... That's a good cause. Keep it up. Many don't get a chance to perform in front of bigger audience.


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