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Thread: Happy but Sad day

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    Default Happy but Sad day

    Well yesterday both DD1 and DD2 informed me that they are for the most part done playing softball.

    DD1 turned down her last offer and will be going to the freshmen orientation at the school of her academic choice and not one of the colleges that offered her a playing spot, I am happy that she picked the school that she did and proud or why she did it, but sad that I will not get to see her play in college. Although, she has been asked to be a team assistant/manager for the softball team at the school she will be attending and she wants to be a future high school coach so it will be a win win for her. Also, she knows several girls on the team and one of the pitchers has asked her to catch for her during lessons and personal practice time. The spring will be her last season of travel ball.

    DD2 is dropping softball completely to concentrate on Cheerleading. She wants to play softball, but there are just to many conflicts and she chose Cheer. I loved to watch her play softball, but she has had more college coach interest in her as a Cheer flyer (cheers version of a pitcher) and her true passion is cheer.

    I would like to thank the DFP members. Before I joined this group I was very uninformed regarding travel ball and recruiting and the world of girls fast pitch in general. The information you can get here is a valuable resource and kept us from making some very bad decisions and helped point us in the right direction several times. Though I was more of a lurker and less of a contributor I was here checking the board on almost a day.

    What I have learned here has actually helped quite a bit with the recruiting process in baseball for my DS. As a freshman catcher he has been told by his travel coaches that they have already had colleges coaches ask that they keep them abreast of his schedule and progress. He has already started the email process. Unlike girls softball the baseball process really does not start until the sophomore and Junior year of high school so we are ahead of the curve.

    Thanks to everyone on this board. I will still be lurking as I am addicted to the forum and I hope to get back in as a coach once all the kids are off to college in a couple of years.

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    Tell dd2 I said she needs to be "Bring It On"

    Courtney, this is not a democracy, it's a cheerocracy. I'm sorry, but I'm overruling you.

    You are being a cheer-tator Torrance and a pain in my ass!
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    I got your softballs

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    Is that anything like a cheer-tater? You know... The dancing Mrs Potato Head.
    WOC: "Only the names change."

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